Started learning UWP and XAML

Around last week, I started learning UWP and XAML. After watching some video series to get an idea about both, these were the first impressions I got:

XAML is easier to get into for those with designer backgrounds

In the web world, what XAML is fully capable of is when you use the trio of HTML,CSS, and JavaScript. Of course you have to know C# for those other use cases in your application. However, I can confirm that from a designer point of view, you can go a long way into making something without typing code or markup – I still consider myself a bad designer by the way.

The tools are better in UWP compared to current Web Development tools

As my current work experience is heavy on web development; how the actual tools used in UWP make it easy for me to learn is very refreshing. That alone sometimes makes me wish that every job out there use tools like these. (I love the concept of the open web, it is the current state of developing for it that can sometimes be quite painful)

Currently, UWP is not really that “universal”

It is a ritual of mine that when I start learning a new thing/idea, I read about what other people are saying about it then proceed on learning more about it on my own. Learning UWP and XAML is a curiosity for me, or perhaps because I am a computer gamer so the desktop computer will always be a part of me for the time being. Unfortunately, mobile and web is currently trending. And the present status of Windows on the mobile market means the demand for UWP developers at present is still small. So if someone wants to learn something to acquire hotter tools in the current market, UWP is not it.

That’s it, now back to studying for me.