Auckland Airport Motel


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Build a responsive website for Auckland Airport Motel. The owner also wants to be able to add or edit text and images on the website.


Since the client wants to add or edit content, a CMS came to my mind. I didn’t know how to develop a website using a CMS during this time so I quickly researched one. I decided on using Umbraco CMS because

A. I have familiarity using .NET

B. Umbraco being a completely blank slate is what made it appealing to me

C. I really want to learn Umbraco

Aside from using ASP.NET MVC, I also used the usual trio of JS/HTML5/SCSS.

The 3rd party services I used were – MailGun, Google API, and Staah Booking Engine. I then hosted the site on Umbraco Cloud.


The client was very happy with the site. He said compared to the last CMS he used where he got confused on how to edit content ( it was built on WordPress), the one I built with Umbraco is user friendly and intuitive.